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Help - Unable to see LVAR Macro Offset when assigning buttons in FSUIPC6

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*** Moved from User Contributions sub-forum. Please post all support requests for FSUIPC6  in the main support forum ***

Hi All

I have just downloaded FSUIPC6, and am in the process of trying to assign Macros for buttons, switches, LED,s etc for an add on aircraft. I followed a good tutorial on youtube (below), but they are using an earlier version of FSUIPC and i cannot seem to duplicate what they have done, i.e. my macros are not showing up in the fsuipc, buttons assignment list as in the video, i have outlined my workflow below, but can someone tell me what im doing wrong...

I am using P3D4

1) I generate a list of LVARS from the add on - for instance i want to turn the R Fuel Pump On.
2) Created a Macro 1=L:fuel_pump_right=Toggle (as per the tutorial advice) which is saved in my fsuipc root directory as fuel_pump_right.MCRO located in: c:, program files, lockheed martin
3)I open fsuipc, click the hardware button to generate a button number and then try to find the created macro  in the dropdown list which i am unable to find.

Can you advise what i am doing wrong?


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First, you posted in the User Contributions sub-forum where it explicitly states NOT for support requests. I have moved your post for you, but please take care in future to post in the correct forum.

13 minutes ago, 737mark said:

fsuipc root directory as fuel_pump_right.MCRO located in: c:, program files, lockheed martin

Are you sure that is you FSUIPC installation folder? You can verify this by using the 'Open Folder' button in FSUIPC's Logging tab, which will open a windows explorer window on your FSUIPC installation folder. Try that and see if you can see your macro file in that folder. I suspect not!

Also, when FSUIPC6 detects a macro file it will add it to the [MacroFiles] section of your FSUIPC6.ini file. Do you see anything there? If not, you will not be able to assign to it. Note that it does this automatically - do not manually edit that section.



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5 minutes ago, 737mark said:

C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin is the location.

Really? You installed FSUIPC6 in your top-level LM folder?  I would advise against that...
Did you check your FSUIPC6.ini file?

Please attach both your FSUIPC6.log and FSUIPC6.ini files and I will take a look.


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28 minutes ago, 737mark said:

im still set from when it used to place in a modules folder

You can still use the Modules folder id you wish, but still better to install outside of the LM folder really - and outside of windows protected folders, like Program Files. You did say it was installed in the LM top-level folder, not the Modules folder.

Anyway, the file must have the extension .mcro. That file has .MACRO.txt



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