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ERJ 170,175,190,195 lights do not work


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Hello. I have installed my ERJ jets (170-195) and I have noticed that some lights do not work. LANDING LIGHTS, NAVIGATION LIGHTS, STROBE LIGHTS. BEACON LIGHTS do not work. Logo lights work as well as ligts in cockpit. This is strange because when i used this plane before they all worked. I have uninstalled and after some time I decided to install it again and lights do not work. Any idea why? Solution?

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  • scoobflight changed the title to ERJ 170,175,190,195 lights do not work

Which simulator? FS9? FSX? P3DV4? P3DV5?

For all simulators the Jets use default FS lighting.  Have you installed an add-on lighting package?

You wrote they worked before?  What addons? updates? Etc have you added to your FS install and then the Jets lighting didn't work?

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14 minutes ago, sags said:

Finding the same. Using P3Dv4.5. Lights only work at night - and then the FPS drops from 35 to 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!

internal lights only work at night. the external lights use default effects so if you have accidently or another install has altered the default effect for the lights they wont be correctly working

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1 hour ago, sags said:

But why the big drop in frame rates?????

That could also be the result of conflicting assignments. Do all the lights cause this effect, or just particular lights.  When you turn the aircraft lights off, does the frame rate immediately recover?

edit:      Just tried all external light combinations on the runway, with little effect on fps. Compared with all lights off, I saw about 1 fps down with all lights on, except taxi lights, and up to 2 fps reduction with landing and taxi lights on together (with all other lights on). Tried default airport and FT Copenhagen with same effect. Also same with different cockpit views.

Seems to suggest something else causing your fps drop.

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I used to get a massive FPS drop when turning on the taxi lights on the E170. I was tearing my hair out over it.

Eventually I tried dropping my AA settings from 8xSSAA to 4xMSAA, and the FPS returned to normal. Higher than 4xMSAA, and the problem comes back. No idea why the taxi light effect would cause this - I had run my sim at 8xSSAA for years with zero problems, my GPU is (well, was) top-end and had no problem coping, but the lighting on this particular aircraft model broke it. 

Interestingly, this is with a GTX 1080Ti. The RTX 2080 SUPER I have in my other machine does not have this problem and has no FPS drops from any of the lights.

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I do not get the fps drops mentioned, so here are a few thoughts.

Are the issues perhaps occurring with 4k screens, and very high graphics settings?  What light settings are being used - Dynamic lighting on/off, HDR on/off, use of shader software, high resolution cloud textures etc.

Using the E195 v3 SP2 and P3D 4.5 HF3,  I've just tried again and get possibly 1 fps drop with either taxi lights or landing lights and less than 2 fps drop with both selected.

Switching between 4X SSAA, my usual setting, and 4xMSAA made minimal difference. E175 produced similar results.


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