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Honeycomb Lights Fix messes with FSUIPC7 starting

Dave March

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Just thought I'd post my findings as it may help someone some time if they experience the same issue.

1. Install FSUIPC7 7.0.4 (everything's great and FSUIPC7 starts with FS2020)

2. Install Honeycomb's Light Fix

3. FSUIPC7 no longer runs with FS2020

4. Lights on Honeycomb Bravo still not working!

5. After some head scratching I checked the EXE.XML file to find the Honeycomb installer doesn't append to the existing file but merely overwrites it. Not only that but the file it output was not complete and had some XML tags missing, hence the lights not working.

6. Re-install FSUIPC7 and make a safe copy of the EXE.XML file.

7. Add the Honeycomb entry to the XML file

8. FSUIPC7 starts with FS2020 and the lights on the Honeycomb Bravo work too!

I have reported this to Honeycomb support

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11 hours ago, Johnpcook said:

What does the merged exe. XML file look like? Are there spaces between each batch of lines?

Spaces are optional in xml files, although help readability. The Logitech MSFS plugin has the same issue. There is an example of an EXE.xml for this in this support request: 


You just need multiple <Launch.Addon>...</Launch.Addon> sections, one for each application that you wish to launch. And make sure they are both within a <SimBase.Document> section.

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