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I have installed fsuipc7 and put the shortcut on my desktop. When I double click to start the program I get a notification that steam://rungameid/1250410 and a box that says ok. I click ok and a window that says preparing the cabin please wait appears for a short time and then goes away. I have MSFS 2020. The shortcut that is on the desktop is MSFS with what looks like a blue 7. Do you know what step I am missing? I can't get pilot2atc to connect. When I had fsuipc4 it worked ok.


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Do you have a steam or MS Store install of MSFS?  

All the desktop link does is display a splash screen and then start MSFS. You can skip this and start MSFS how you used to before you installed MSFS.
Try that and see if MSFS starts and also FSUIPC7.

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have the same problem.

First I start MSFS (admin), then FSUIPC (manually as admin), then Pilot2ATC but cannot connect.

Same when I start with the FSUIPC desktop shortcut.

Will try to start P2ATC as admin today ... we'll see ...

Used to work OK before. 

I have the MSFS disk version (works via Store).

Will keep you informed.

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19 hours ago, krieke58 said:

First I start MSFS (admin), then FSUIPC (manually as admin), then Pilot2ATC but cannot connect.

You have to have everything at the same privilege level, so if running FSUIPC as admin then you need to run Pilot2ARC as admin.

Its better to run everything as non-admin if possible, but that can depend upon where you have installed things.

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