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FSUIPC7 Start-Up anomly with the MSFS EXE.xml file

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There have been numerous posts regarding FSUIPC7 not auto starting with the MSFS EXE.xml file.  I was one of them.  Until today, I have not been able to get FSUIPC7 to auto start either.  I followed your instructions to the letter and it didn't work. After seeing another recent post on the same subject, I decided to play with the MSFS EXE.xml file again.  I have five programs that I wish to auto-start with MSFS.  Three of them start every time.  Two would not!  FSUIPC7 being one of them.  I looked on the MSFS forum to see what other users were doing and saw some different versions of the EXE.xml file that were formatted differently than how you formatted it.  I tried their format and they didn't work either.  When I looked again at my EXE.xml file I noticed that the two programs that did not auto start were located on my "D" drive in a file structure that was three folders deep. The three programs that started every time were in a file structure only one folder deep.

Example: My FSUIPC7 installation was located at D:\FS2020 Downloads\Utilities\FSUIPC7\FSUIPC7.exe.  So I moved FSUIPC7 and the other non-starting program to a one folder deep file structure. Example: D:\FSUIPC7\FSUIPC7.exe . Now both programs auto-start every time.  So, I don't know if this is some kind of anomoly with how the MSFS EXE.xml works, but what I do know is that changing the location now works for me.  I have also discovered that the other different formats of the EXE.xml file that are out there all work so long as the target program is only one file deep. All three of the attached EXE.xml examples, though formatted diffferently have been tried and auto-start all 5 of my add-on programs with MSFS.

Rick S.


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