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FSUIPC interfering with door opening on QW787

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55 minutes ago, David Flynn said:

So I have tried doing Shift E 2 and Shift E 3 on the default a321 which apparently should allow me to open the other doors

I will leave below what the log file says, but everytime i try this only door 1L actually opens when i try opening the other doors, very similarly to the QW 787

Is this with TimeForSelct=4? Sorry, I should have said -- that facility was intended to deal with this, so you probably need to test with it defaulted.

If that still doesn't allow the other doors to open then it is definitely something in your system, as that certainly isn't the case here and there are no other reports.

59 minutes ago, David Flynn said:

DLL.MXL under Program Data folder for P3D:

Interesting. That seems to have FSUIPC loading, when it is normally installed to run via the DLL.XML in your C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming folder for P3D. How did it move to the one in the ProgramData folder?

If there's a DLL.XML file there too then please show me that one., because all of the DLL's in both are loaded.

I also notice another potential problem, not related to the one we are exploring, but something that could affect other addons, you installed P3D into the default folder

C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4

This along with all of "Program Files" is protected by Windows.

If you ever do a full re-install, try to put it into something like "C:\Prepar3D v4". Much safer.



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You could also try FSUIPC6 to see if that makes a difference. There are no functional changes in this area, but the load style/order would be different and may make a difference, so maybe worth a try.

To do this, please download FSUIPC6 from www.fsuipc.com. Run the installer, and install in some where like 'C:\FSUIPC6\' (i.e. a separate folder outside of Program Files) - it will default to your FSUIPC5 installation folder - change this!

This will uninstall FSUIPC5 but leave all your files. You can skip registration, and save the attached key file to your FSUIPC6 installation folder (it is time-limited for you to test). You can then copy across your FSUIPC5.ini, and rename it to FSUIPC6.ini. Also copy across any other files, e.g. *.lua, *.mcro or any *.dll, that you may use. 
Then test again with that - just report your findings and if any different.

Afterwards, you can run the uninstaller (created in the FSUIPC6 installation folder) to remove FSUIPC6, and then re-install FSUIPC5 to get back to your previous configuration.




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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi John

I really apologise about that. Something came up and I had to focus on that and leave this alone for a while.

I can tell you that I tried using FSUIPC6 with TTS = 0 and 4 and neither way worked (same results occured as per usual)

Apologies again for disappearing, hope we can resolve this


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Hi John,

I would be happy to but my PC is having some major issues at the moment so I need to sort those issues out, once I can actually get the PC on and working I’ll send those files to you ASAP.

Please bare with me on this

Thanks a million


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Ok, but I don't think there is much more we can do. It seems to be working for most folks, and the previous report with it not working was solved by a complete re-install. If you are having issues with the PC anyway, you should maybe consider this.


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