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Embraer E-Jets v3 Exterior at night


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I've just installed the E-Jets and I noticed that at night when you turn on the exterior lights all the fuselage joints get illuminated as well which doesn't look that great, is there some sort of fix for this or not yet at this moment in time? 
Using the EMB_V3_175-195 SP2 in P3Dv5.1

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the plane was designed for P3D4.  P3D5 continues to cause increased issues with each update.

you are the first reporting this issue so it is also possible you have a setting or after-market addon causing issue.  share all addon lighting mods, P3D lighting settings and your system specifics and settings.  others may be able to compare their success in using the simulation in the game.

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For the record, I see the same. Light leakage at points where there are joins in the model. I'm assuming this is down to the same P3Dv5 changes that made exterior lights on some aircraft models leak into the cockpit. From what I understand, it's a question of updating the model itself, so I guess that's a job for Aeroplane Heaven for v3?

I appreciate you wouldn't want to make promises or give a schedule, obviously, but is there any likelihood that we might see an updated version of the aircraft that is officially supported on v5 and fixes the most reported issues at any point in 2021?

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