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So, I'm completely baffled. Have reset all values to 0..REMGPSWIN POS OR WHATEVER IT SAID INTHE POST and followed everything  in the manual and Volker's replies to all who can't  see the GPs window...pop up whilst flying the simulator. 

Am about to throw computer off a tall building . Please help


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Important: You should bear in mind that FlightSim Commander is a stand-alone program
which will run at the same time as Flight Simulator when the two are connected.
Therefore you need Windows' multitasking capability for simultaneously running more
than one program. As a consequence, you cannot run Flight Simulator in full-screen
mode (Alt-Enter) on a single monitor if you want Flight Simulator and FlightSim
Commander to be connected to each other.

Fly in window mode instead of full screen mode.
Then the GPS window is visible.



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