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STB Front end startup problem


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I have just run the "STB Data Server 5.0.2020.30900 Setup And Update for Prepar3D-V5"

It all seemed to go OK as did the DB setup etc etc, but I cannot see how to get the "front end" client running.

P3D seems to connect, and "add-ons" shows STB Common, and STB Data Server ticked.

Previous P3D4 version had a "TrafficBoardFrontEnd.exe" ....... P3D5 version does not seem to have a similar way to start the front end.

I'm obviously missing something, .... my apologies if I appear a tad inept ..... usually manage to sort things out, but this has got me temporarily stumped.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Cheers ... Tom.

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Hello Tom,

Have you downloaded and installed the STB client from whereever you happened to purchase STB?  That is where TrafficBoardFrontEnd.exe comes from.  By the way, if you are running both P3D and STB on the same computer, you don't need STB Data Server.



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Thank you for your response Simon.

I've only been using P3D5.1 for a few months, and just today got around to getting STB upgraded.

My understanding of how this worked was obviously a bit hazy.  I had it working fine on P3D4 for ages.

I assumed, it seems wrongly, that it would be just a matter of running the Data Server Setup and Update as mentioned above ...... obviously NOT!

As I am running both STB and P3D5 on the same computer, that exercise was a waste of time.

It seems I have to run the front end installer - is there an updated one for P3D5 which I would have to get from my original supplier, or do I run the original one 

and simply point it at the P3D5 location.  Thanks once again for your help ..... and sorry to be a pest.  Cheers Tom.

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Further searching since last post indicates the update BASE product for P3D5 is probably a "pay for" upgrade, and not just a free "update".

Could you confirm that this is the case, and I will forthwith purchase the upgrade. My P3D4 version was from PC Aviator.

When I ran the downloaded "updater", it told me the P3D5 client could not be found, which bears this out I guess. 

No worries, just waiting for your confirmation, and I'll get on with it. Cheers ... Tom.

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Hi again Simon - it seems my V3 purchase for FSX came from PC Aviator way back in 2011. My recollection is that V4 came from the FSS (now defunct).

I have searched my system as best as I can, but I cannot find any reference to that purchase (I had a computer crash a few months back, so that's no surprise) ...... so I guess I'll have to  re purchase.

Running the V4 with P3Dv5.1 seems to hook up and run OK ...... but I presume I would be missing out on some new features.

Anyhow, thanks for your help.

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