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ZBAD Release Thoughts?

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I've played this airport from 07:00 to 17:00 on multiple occasions. It is no better or worse to play compared to others. The price is no indication to the quality of the airport.

However, it does come with some quirks that are not always feelthere's fault.

1. The view from the tower is mostly obscured by the terminal. The Chinese should have put it right on top of the darn thing!

2. The Airlines frequenting this airport in RT have some complicated names, good luck getting your tongue around some of those.

3. The standard schedule is poor. This needs a custom schedule asap.

4. You're going to have to study the taxiways hard. Charlie 1 through 7 or 8 same with Tango and Zulu.

I think this is a nice airport to play. I think it is priced well. This is the first extra airport I bought in two years and I bought it because of the price and the opportunity to have 4 runways active at the same time (EHAM is at the top of my wish list)(yeah yeah Vic, I know, Towerxx). I find this airport very enjoyable. The price very reasonable and the challenge potentially formidable. I'm not a feelthere fanboy, I have criticised them more than I have praised them, but I truly think they hit the nail on the head with this one.

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I played Daxing the other day. Since the price was so low I didn't expect a whole lot out of it. But when I played it I was pleasantly surprised. To me it's worth buying. And I think it would be worth buying even if it was the normal price that feelthere charges.


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On steam it has only been released for Tower3d not tower3d pro. Dunno whether this would make any difference to how it would load how it would interact. But it may explain the cartoony type screenshots. And yes it is also half price on steam as well.

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I have no idea what feel there is doing for their next airport or when it will come out. But I am hoping that they will do CYYZ next or sometime in the near future. After all we have it in Tower 2011.

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