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Replay does not display aerobatics, rolls appear as rocking the wings, loops as climbing and diving, etc...

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Trying to watch myself from the ground like in this old FSX video I made with FS Recorder way back when, lol.


I can watch my recording from the ground with FCR but it doesn't show the aerobatics. And these are not real Lomcevaks as the flight model would not allow actual Lomcevaks back then.

I can watch from the exterior view and record it with a screen recorder but that is not ideal as you do not get real good perspective as if you were on the ground watching.


Here are my first few attempts (but since FCR does not record, or play back aerobatics I have to record live and it is hard to find a good angle.


Do not know how I can make an airshow video.



What would be ideal, and I tried it, is to record the flight and play it back watching from different angles including from the ground so you can tell exactly how tyou did and what you need to do differently, etc...


I flew a whole routine, and excitedly played it back with FCR, and to my chagrin I discovered it does not record a roll as a roll, it plays it back as if you are simply rocking the wings from side to side, and plays back a loop, or anything else where you climb and descend, as simply climbing and descending.


So there is no way as of yet to watch your aerobatics and fine tune them.


I used to do this with MSFS 9 and X with FS Recorder, if you rolled it showed you a roll on play back, etc...


Is this something that will be changed?


Is it a limitation with FCR or MSFS 2020?


Thank you Fabio for a spectacular product.

I wonder if I can set an actual tower view in the sim like we used to do in FSX, then I could watch it from that angle while flying live, would not be the perfect fix but may work.


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