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I've had a quick look at John's WASM C DLL and have successfully connected to it from my .net DLL.

Over the next few days I will add a proper module to my dll that will (hopefully) allow fast access to LVars and HVars.

The only potential problem is that I don't have MSFS so I can't test or debug anything here.

I'll post here again when a beta is ready for testing.


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Hi Paul!

It looks promising! thanks!  but it's not working as intented or I'm doing something wrong:

WASM module is installed, executed John's client to test:


But after INIT inside .NET:




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You need to call Start() sometime after Init(). Sorry, I completely left that out of the other post. I'll go and fix it now.

If you're using LVars as well then you'll also need to call RefreshData() periodically to get the latest values.


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With an Start and Reload just after INIT,  it didn't get Hvars, but I've put another Reload after a button click and it worked fine! so it must be some time after initialization . It's reload needed? maybe if preconfigured refresh rate time passed it's not.







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John has confirmed that the delay between calling Reload() and the HVars being available is to be expected. It takes time for the WASM module to gather the data from the files and do it's housekeeping. A few seconds should be enough.

I'll update the documentation to make this clear.

By the way, Start() called Reload() internally so you shouldn't need to call it yourself.

Another point John raised is that there can also be a delay between writing a new LVar value and that value being set in the sim and read back by the WASM module. Because of this I'll need to change the value setting to be on a method (SetValue) instead of setting the value property.



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