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I’m trying to control the MSFS 172 G1000 pfd autopilot and the mfd map using a Bodner interface(joy C) with 4 concentric rotary switches and 4 spst switches, Saitec  Cyborg Command Unit (joy B), Saitec X-55 stick  (joy A).


I’m having success using the above joy inputs with most of the 172 G1000 MFD controls, except FMS rotary (Push CRSR) #49=RB,8,C33558,0 -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_CRS_PUSH}-does not work.

I’ve tried various ways to actuate that switch with no success. See line 49.

Is anyone able to get a button box to actuate Push Crsr control?

Here’s a section of my fsuipc.ini. I haven’t found any other problems with the testing I’ve done so far.

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks for looking.


Win 10 Pro 64 - i7 5820k - GTX 980 - 240GB SSD - 1TB HDD - 8GB RAM -  NVIDIA Driver 355.60

MSFS 2020

Saitek X55, Saitek Cyborg Gamepad, Bodner interface.






1=CP(+B,23)B,10,C1017,0    -{ap alt var inc fast}-

2=CP(+B,23)B,11,C1016,0    -{ap alt var dec fast}-

3=CP(+B,23)B,13,C65892,0 -{AP_ALT_VAR_INC}-

4=CP(+B,23)B,12,C65893,0 -{AP_ALT_VAR_DEC}-

5=CP(-B,23)B,10,C1025,0     -{heading bug inc fast}-

6=CP(-B,23)B,11,C1024,0     -{heading bug dec fast}-

7=CP(-B,23)B,13,C65879,0   -{HEADING_BUG_INC}-

8=CP(-B,23)B,12,C65880,0   -{HEADING_BUG_DEC}-

11=PB,0,C33581,0       -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_FMS_Lower_INC}-

12=PB,1,C33582,0       -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_FMS_Lower_DEC}-

13=PA,0,K90,8    -{Key press: Z}-

14=PB,4,C1029,0         -{vor2 obi inc fast}-

15=PB,5,C1028,0         -{vor2 obi dec fast}-

18=PB,3,C33578,0       -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_FMS_Upper_INC}-

19=PB,2,C33579,0       -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_FMS_Upper_DEC}-

20=PB,21,C33583,0     -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_RANGE_INC}-

21=PB,20,C33584,0     -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_RANGE_DEC}-

30=PB,7,C65665,0       -{VOR2_OBI_INC}-

31=PB,6,C65664,0       -{VOR2_OBI_DEC}-

32=CP(+B,24)B,14,C65637,0         -{COM_RADIO_WHOLE_INC}-

33=CP(+B,24)B,15,C65636,0         -{COM_RADIO_WHOLE_DEC}-

34=CP(+B,24)B,17,C65639,0         -{COM_RADIO_FRACT_INC}-

35=CP(+B,24)B,16,C65638,0         -{COM_RADIO_FRACT_DEC}-

36=CP(-B,24)B,14,C32773,0          -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_PFD_NAV_Large_INC}-

37=CP(-B,24)B,15,C32774,0          -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_PFD_NAV_Large_DEC}-

38=CP(-B,24)B,17,C32775,0          -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_PFD_NAV_Small_INC}-

39=CP(-B,24)B,16,C32776,0          -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_PFD_NAV_Small_DEC}-

44=RC,16,C33571,0     -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_DIRECTTO}-

45=RC,17,C33575,0     -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_MENU_Push}-

46=PC,13,C33577,0     -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_PROC_Push}-

47=PC,18,K90,8 -{Key press: Z}-

48=PC,15,C33571,0     -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_DIRECTTO}-

49=RB,8,C33558,0       -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_CRS_PUSH}-

50=PC,11,C33576,0     -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_FPL_Push}-

51=PC,12,C33574,0     -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_CLR}-

52=PC,8,C33572,0       -{:MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_ENT_Push}-

53=PC,2,K72,10 -{Key press: ctl+H}-

55=PC,3,K65,26 -{Key press: alt+ctl+A}-









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That MF event uses a hvar:

You can try using that hvar directly. You will need to add it to a hvar file and place in the FSUIPC WASM modules folder (there should already be one there for the A320).
Or you can try in lua using

Or maybe that hvar is not available in the C172?


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Problem solved.🥵

It seems I didn't read the MobiFlight command list closely enough.  The command I needed was there all along.


Thanks again.

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That activates an hvar - you can also do that via a simple macro file:



and then assign your button/key to the hvar.
But as I said earlier, to use hvars you need to make sure it is in the A320.hvar file (or add it and perform a WASM-> Reload) that is located in the FSUIPC WASM module folder.

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