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Registered FSUIP showing as ungeregistered in P3D v 5

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Did you read the Installation and Registration guide?
Did you check the forums, as this question has been asked hundreds of times already?

Did you click the Register button during registration? 95% id uses are due to this not being done. If you did do this, what did the pop-up say?

Have you installed in a non-windows protected folder?



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hi thank you for your help, I did push the registration button and it showed a message that the registration was successful. The app is installed in the p3d folder. after running p3d when clicking on add ons fsuipc it states that the version is not registered.....

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15 minutes ago, Bunyamin said:

The app is installed in the p3d folder.

It is better installed outside of the P3D folder really. Do you have an FSUIPC6.key file in your FSUIPC6 installation folder? This file should be created when you click the Register button. If it doesn't exist, you can create it manually. The contents are:


Name=Your Name, as specified in purchase Email
Address=Your Address/Email, as specified in purchase Email
FSUIPC=Your Key, as specified in purchase email

replacing the parts in bold with the relevant details.

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1 hour ago, Bunyamin said:

I havee only two text files

The .key file is a .key file. It contains only text and can be edited in Notepad, but it is just not recognised by Windows as a TXT file. Similarly INI and CFG files are text files but are categorised as configuration files.

Note that when you register ALL THREE PARTS (Name, Email and Key) must be exact. You must be making a mistake.



Edited by John Dowson
changed .REG to .key
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55 minutes ago, Bunyamin said:

I havee only two text files


 and Install FSUIPC

Sorry, but those files are not in your installation folder, they are in the downloadable zip file.

To be clear, you download a zip file. You should extract the contents to a folder somewhere. Do not try to run the installer from within the zip file.

Once you have extracted, you will  have three files: an installation and registration document (pdf) - (please read this document), a txt file detailing the latest changes, and the installer itself.

When you run the installer, that installs FSUIPC 6 into a different folder, the one you selected (or accepted) during this installation process. Please take note of this - change if necessary (and usually recommended).  This is also the folder where your FSUIPC files are located, including the key file previously mentioned.


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ok thank you I think I ve found it

the file was located in documents add ons

despite the fact I ve entered my credentials from sim market during the registration and installation process, the file indicates that the version has not been registered


********* FSUIPC6, Version 6.1.1 (9th May 2021) by Pete & John Dowson *********
Prepar3D.exe version =
Running inside Prepar3D v5
Module base=7FF898090000
Windows 10 Home 64 Bit reported as Build 19042, Release ID: 2009 (OS 10.0)
Reading options from "C:\Users\ALIENWARE\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\FSUIPC6\FSUIPC6.ini"
Checking the Registrations now ...
User Name=""
User Addr=""
FSUIPC6 not user registered
WIDEFS7 not user registered, or expired
        0 System time = 13/05/2021 20:34:26
        0 FLT path = "C:\Users\ALIENWARE\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Files\"
        0 Using DialogMode
       16 FS path = "D:\Program Files\P3D\"
      110 Controllers are set to ON, using DirectInput within P3D
      110 LogOptions=F0000000 00000005
      110 -------------------------------------------------------------------


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6 hours ago, Bunyamin said:

User Name=""
User Addr=""

This indicates that there is no FSUIPC6.key file in your installation folder. As I have already said, you can create this manually, as indicated.
I do not know why the installer isn't creating this file for you. Just create it manually as advised. You only need to do this once, so just do that.



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