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event.textmenu no longer works under FSUIPC6.1.1

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I've upgraded from registered FSUIPC 6.0.13 to 6.1.1 (Win 10, P3D 5.1 latest HF) and it seems that "event.textmenu" no longer works
under this new version. I also tried 6.1.0 and it too has the same issue.

If I revert back to 6.0.13 all works again. There are no errors in the FSUIPC6.log and no errors in the lua script log when
I turn on lua script logging. I have also tried "EnableExtraButtons=No" and also added "NewInterceptTextMenu=Yes" to the
FSUIPC6.ini file under the [General] section but when I add NewInterceptTextMenu=Yes this is removed by FSUIPC from the ini file
on P3Dv5 launch.

It appears that the event is not being triggered when a menu is opened.

Below is a simple Lua test script I used to check out the problem:-

function menu(mtype, colour, scroll, delay, id, n, msgs)
    if (n == 0) or ((n == 1) and (string.byte(msgs[1]) == 0)) then    
        io.stderr:write( "Menu Closed")
        io.stderr:write( "Menu matching started")
        if string.match(msgs[1], "GSX") and string.match(msgs[2], "Activate ground services") then
            io.stderr:write( "GSX Menu Opened: F12\n")

        if string.match(msgs[1], "SimObject Display Engine") and string.match(msgs[2], "Choose action") then
            io.stderr:write( "SODE Menu Opened: TAB-S\n")

event.textmenu(2, "menu")

Hope you can solve this issue as I know you are both very busy currently, in the meantime I will continue to run on 6.0.13 until a fix is found.


Tony Goswell

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Thanks for reporting this. Not sure what is causing this at the moment, but there was an update in those versions relating to the logging of ATC_MENO_OPEN/CLOSE events, and I am wondering if this is affecting the event.textmenu call. To test, could you try the attached dll please. If that has the same issue, I will look into this in more detail later this week.  



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Hi John,

Thanks for getting back to me, I have tried the new FSUIPC6.dll provided and unfortunately the problem still exits.

Just to let you know the version that works OK is V6.0.12 and not 13 as stated in the original post.


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5 hours ago, Tony Goswell said:

It appears that the event is not being triggered when a menu is opened.

I've tested event.textmenu here on 6.1.1 with the capturing of SimConnect message windows and it works fine. Unfortunately I don't appear to have anything using the SimConnect menu facility on my test PC, but I can set something up tomorrow.

Meanwhile could you please do two comparable logs, one for 6.0.13 or whichever it is you have success with, and one with 6.1.1, but first edit your FSUIPC6.INI file as follows:

In the [General] section add


Run your test exactly the same one each and show me the logs please. I'll look at this later tomorrow -- retiring for the evening now.

Oh, please also say exactly what menus you are checking with.




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Hi Pete,

I have attached a couple of zip files containing the information you require including the test script I used to confirm the problem,

run on the working 6.0.12 FSUIPC and the non-working 6.1.1 FSUIPC. Each time I launched P3Dv5.1 and tested with Access to GSX Menu

then rerun again with access to the SODE menu. All logs produced with the settings you requested and I have included a copy of the FSUIPC.ini

file just in case (I hope the zip files will be sent as my ISP is a little restrictive with this file type).



debug 6.0.12.zip debug 6.1.1.zip

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52 minutes ago, Tony Goswell said:

I hope the zip files will be sent as my ISP is a little restrictive with this file type

Yes, they are okay, thank you.

Interestingly they both show the same results, with the menu etc being detected and resolved, so the problem must be within the Lua interpreter code itself.  I'll look into that tomorrow. I'll need to set up a specific test here.




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