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FSUIPC7 v7.2.0 beta release: New facility to add lvars to offsets for both read and write/update

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I have added a new facility to allow lvars to be added to FSUIPC offsets, where they can be read and updated.

This beta release is available here: http://www.fsuipc.com/download/Install_FSUIPC7.2.0a.zip

This is the relevant section from the Advanced User Guide:


Adding Lvars to Offsets
A facility is provided to add Lvars directly to FSUIPC offsets, for both reading and writing (i.e. updating an lvar value
by updating the offset). This facility is currently only available by direct editing of your
FSUIPC7.ini file.

To add an lvar to an offset, you need to open your FSUIPC7.ini file in an editor (e.g. Notepad++) and add a new section
to specify the lvars you would like to add and the offset it should be added to. This can be a
general section, which is
applicable to ALL aircraft, which can be achieved by adding the following section name:

However, as lvars are aircraft specific, it is usually better to add this as a profile specific section, in which case you need
to append your profile name preceeded by a full stop. So, for a profile called 'TwinProps', for example, the new section
name would be:

Note that a profile LvarOffsets section will replace/supersede a general LvarOffsets section, not augment it.

Once you have created the section, you can add the lvars to the offsets you require by adding lines of the following
format to this section:
index>=<lvar name>=<size><offset>
- <
indexis the index number of the entry, starting from 0 with a max value of 1023 (i.e. maximum of 1024 entries)
- <
lvar nameis the name of the lvar, optionally preceded by 'L:'
- <
sizedesignates the size/type of the offset. This can be omitted and a size/type of 8 bytes/double will be used,
otherwise you can use the following designators:
        SB – signed byte (1 byte)
        UB – unsigned byte (1 byte)
        SW – signed word (2 bytes)
        UW – unsigned word (2 bytes)
        SD – signed double-word (DWORD) (4 bytes)
        UD – unsigned double-word (4 bytes)
You can edit this section while FSUIPC is running. If running, to load any changes, use the
Add-ons → WASM →

Once an lvar has been added to an offset, you can use the offset for the lvar value as you would any other offset. You
can also update the lvar by updating the offset value, using, for example, one of the FSUIPC Offset Controls (see page
35), such as
Offset Word Set, or Offset Byte Togglebits. Make sure that the control that you use matches the size of
the offset defined to hold the value.


For any questions or issues, please use the following support topic: 




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Please find attached the latest (and hopefully final) beta, v7.2.0d: 


This contains the following changes:
   - max allowed AlsoManage ini parameter entries increased from 32 to 64
   - offset 0x0818 (AUTOPILOT ALTITUDE LOCK VAR:3 ) now writeable. Write the required altitude in feet. Uses the AP_ALT_VAR_SET_ENGLISH  control
   - simvar AUTOPILOT VS SLOT INDEX added to offset 0x02FC for read and write
   - additional (non-axes) controls/events added:
    - rebuild against MSFS SDK v0.13.0.0
    - delayed starting of WAPI until after leaving MSFS main menu


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