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FSUIPC4 Lvar name 32 char limitation - is there a workaround?

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Hi, I am using FSUIPC4 (ver. 4.976) and creating macros for an add on aircraft I use. Some Lvar s have long names and are unusable.

For example, "ASD_560XL_SWITCH_APU_START_MODE" is too long and gets truncated to "ASD_560XL_SWITCH_APU_START_MOD" (ID=-1 Not Found. In the log.)

I saw in another thread that an FSUIPC5 dll with 64 character name limit was posted. Is there a similar FSUIPC4 dll that I can use? Is there another workaround?



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1 hour ago, noamko said:

I found a simple workaround - wrote a short lua script for setting/unsetting the Lvar and it works! 

So longer names work via lua but not macros? Thats interesting - thanks for reporting back.

I'm not familiar with the lvar access implementation in FSUIPC4 - before my time I'm afraid (and Pete still looks after FSUIPC4).


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