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FSUIPC-nodejs : How can I write to an offset?


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Hello everyone,

I'm using the node.js module found here and have managed to get extremely far into my project with the whole UI having been made (and looking really good IMO) and the backend systems in place.


It was time for me to start working on getting the software to start interacting with FSUIPC so I managed to get the whole

obj.add("blah", 0x0000, blah, blah) stuff working (as seen on the project page) and it reads everything correctly and all was going great.




I started needing to write data to the simulator. I've been looking for hours on how to get this to work and I'm genuinely terrified by the idea that it simply is not possible.

For my testing example, I'm trying to set the parking brake by doing:


	obj.add('BRAKES', 0x0BC8, fsuipc.Type.Int16);
	return obj.process();
.then((result) => {
	console.log(result["BRAKES"]); // Returns 0 meaning brakes are off
	result["BRAKES"] = 32768;
	console.log(result["BRAKES"]); // Returns 32768 meaning brakes are activated.

The problem is that although the result states that the value for brakes is 32768, the simulator doesn't seem to have been fed that information.


Please please please tell me that I'm being silly and have just misread something because if it's an issue with the npm package I'm using then the whole project is toast 😭


Hope someone can help me out here,

- Tinos


Full urls to npm package:



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2 hours ago, ptinosq said:

Please please please tell me that I'm being silly and have just misread something because if it's an issue with the npm package I'm using then the whole project is toast 😭

I've no idea what this "npm" package is. Are you hoping someone here might be familiar with it? Maybe the authors have their own support places?

You can write to offsets in FSUIPC by assigning buttons or keypresses to "Offset ..." controls, of which there are variations for different value sizes and formats.



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Thanks for the reply Pete,

I was posting here in case anyone could help. Unfortunately the developer of the package appears to have abandoned the project with ignored pull requests etc. So I'm losing faith in the project 😞

I might have to explore the depths of the C language to implement my own writing system - not looking forward to that.



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I'm sorry, but as Pete indicates, we can't support software that is using FSUIPC - you need to contact the software developer. If the developer of the package you are using is no longer supporting the software, then maybe you should switch to something else. The most advanced and often used API is the c# one provide by Paul Henty, but there are many others - check out the available SDKs that are provided, which will be under the SDK folder in your FSUIPC installation folder (if you opted to install).

However, please note that we only support the interfaces that WE provide,  we cannot support 3rd party add-ons or APIs, but we can point you in the right direction if using those... Many of the interfaces provided are still supported by the developers of those interfaces.


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