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Copy specific profile to global?

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5 hours ago, PythonFlightSim said:

Is it possible to copy a specific profile to global settings, and remove all specific profiles?

Sure. Open  your FSUIPC ini file in an editor and completely  remove the following sections:
Then, take the profile name  out of the specific profile that you want to make global for those sections, e,g, change
   [Axes.<yourProfileName>]  --> [Axes]

You can then remove the [Profile.<profileName>] sections, and any other profiles you don't need.

Probably a good idea to make a back-up first, just in case,

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9 hours ago, PythonFlightSim said:

UPDATE: It worked! The only things I did different, was to keep the [JoystickCalibration], [Buttons], and [Keys] in there, as I seem to have noobishly created them to not be profile specific from the start, lol. Cheers!

Yes, sorry. I thought you wanted your buttons.profile section to replace your buttons. Button and key assignments are cumulative, so it takes the general section first, then augments (i.e. replaces or adds) with your profile assignments. So, the correct way would have been to add any of your button/key profile assignments to the general button and key assignments section. also changing the index numbers to make sure they are unique.
And the calibration section depends on how you calibrated your axis, whether in a profile or not.

Anyway, just FYI. Glad you sorted it out.

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