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Ah, finally. Really looking forward to the release, whenever that may be. Can't help but feel (no pun intended) that our little community will play a part in helping make Tower 3 great. Thanks for the info Vic, can't wait for updates.

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2 hours ago, nolan_4_wilson said:

Any more updates?


According to FeelThere, ""We also plan to release more information, features and screenshots regularly so it's a good idea to follow us by signing up to our newsletter, following us on social media or visit https://feelthere.com/news/ often."

So, I'd recommend doing one or more of the above to know if/when there are "any more updates".

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On 6/29/2021 at 9:35 AM, MJKERR said:

This may be helpful

I started with Tower 2011
However my computer would not run Tower 3D

I purchased a new computer to run Tower 3D

Could you please provide details for the minimum computer specification required?
This may be useful in advance for anyone with computer systems that would be border line or would not be able to operate the next version

Today or sometimes in the next few days we will publish our September Development blog (yes, yes I know it's late a bit, but we wanted to show you some cool new feature instead of just another set of screenshots of the airport).

Before you comment them, please note these are WIPs so more function will come. In this blog edition we will just introduce these new things (it's so difficult for me to call them "things" instead of .... ah, you'll see them soon 🙂 ) but we wont go into the details. However if you will look at them closely you'll see so many requests from the wishlist, that we already implemented. 

To answer your "will my computer run it" question; I use the same computer to test the unoptimized (it will be optimized for the release but during development there is no point to do it until the latest stages) Tower! Simulator 3 that I used to test T!3D airports and so far I don't see too much difference in fps. I test it with graphics on max settings. 

Thank you




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