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Hi everyone,

Just out of curiosity, what do people use for performance calculations? I've been using the well-known freeware calculator available on the Xplane forums. I know there is also Qsimplanner but that only gives you flex temps. But my main problem is figuring out what the CG of the aircraft is? It's so annoying because the load factor can be loaded via the Feelthere payload manager but not the fuel, so then you have to do that manually via P3D. Considering all this I still have no indication of what my CG is, which surely is critical for performance.

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13 hours ago, scoobflight said:

There is only one station in the simulation so changing payload (aka passengers, cargo and fuel) doesn't move the CG.

Not quite true, a change to any of those stations (even though there is only one station per load) has an effect on the CG in the simulator. You can see this because the CG indicator moves when you add / remove fuel and pax. 


4 hours ago, JamesA321 said:

Oh really! What would be the best CG to enter into the performance calculator then? As it gives a different trim setting for different CG entries? 


I'll try and come up with an excel based CG calculator you can use for the Embraer. But does the calculator you use give you trim settings? If so I'd love to know which it is! I've been using airplane toolbox.

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I have the realworld data table for Trim setting for 170/175and 190, but it just doesn't help for feelthere's Ejets at all. As scoob said, CG is not simulated, and also even the green band of trim on E190 is totally out.

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