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Beep sound on autopilot test with PFC Digital Avionics

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Hi all,

I very rarely use the autopilot, so it took a while for me to notice it. The beep sound playback when testing the autopilot on the Digital Avionics does not work for me on FS9.

My PFC.ini reads : BeepWave=Sound\caapdis2

and a soundfile named caapdis2.wav is in the sound folder under the main FS9 folder. It should work I think but it doesn't - even if I go back to older versions of PFC.dll (back to 1.63).

I have FS2002 on the same machine and there - with PFC.dll ver1.63 and the same ini setting and sound file - the sound playback works.

Also - on FS9 - when the autopilot is disconnected there is another sound played allthough it should be the same as on the AP test.

Has anyone else experienced this? Do I have to make a special setting to make it work again?



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I never noticed that, but then I never have the PFC sounds enabled in any case. I'll try it here.

If it works on FS2002 but not on FS9 it is probably because the code in the PFC driver cannot find the correct routines in FS9 to produce the sound -- it doesn't play them itself, it asks FS to. I know I got this working originally in FS9, but I may not have re-tested it in the final FS9 user release. Sorry. I was very busy.

I'll check it and if necessary fix it for the next PFC.DLL release.



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