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Can't load FSUIPC4

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I have a FS X working under Windows 10 on my desk computer fitted with a 12 gigs Ram. I have downloaded a free version of FSUIPC ,but it did not seem to work. So ,I purchased 3 days ago a licensed version and had it installed as an administrator, but to no avail. The installed log mentioned that simconnect could not be found. I downloaded  simconnect and had it installed resulting once more to the fact that FS X could not show the FSUIPC menu. I reinstalled both the FSUIPC and the FS X which I had deleted, but still cannot load the FSUIPC despite the log mentions that it has been properly installed. The log mentions that it has identified both Simconnect and the.dll file.

I am desperate to have my FSUIPC menu so that I can assign my functions to my CHPro Pedals, CH Yoke and CH Throttle QuadrantsFSUIPC4 Install.log

I am struggling with my FS X  to show me the FSUIPC menu 

I am attaching my install log file for your expert perusal with the hope that you can solve my problem and  guide me in case of wrong installation.

kindly note that I am not a skilled computer user (I am used to using Office but not the invisible part of Windows) and that many technical terms are unfamiliar to me.


Thanks for helping

Greetings form my small island of Mauritius in the  middle of the Indian ocean


Eric Georges

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  • John Dowson changed the title to Can't load FSUIPC4
4 hours ago, Eric Georges said:

I am desperate to have my FSUIPC menu

You are using the very first buggy version of FSX. Please update to SP1, or better SP2, of FSX. Then you won't have such a problem. Get them here:





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Thanks Pete, for the provided solution.


However I can not complete the installation of the SP 1. The message being that SP1 is an english version whereas my FS X is a french version.

Do you know where I can obtain an english version of SP 1 or else can I obtain an english  version  of FS X and validate with my key.


Please advise


Kind regards



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Hi Pete, 


Thanks once again for your prompt reply.

I managed to update my FS X with the SP 1 & 2through Flight Sim .com as the link you recommended me resulted in error 603.

I reinstalled Simconnect , as I could not find it in FS X and reinstalled FSUIPC.

I can now have access to theb FSUIPC menu.

Hopefully from there ,I should be able to make all assignments I want.....  So much fun is waiting for me.


Kind Regards



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