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How do I know, the sim has exited?

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Let's say I'm reading two offsets (like fs version and framerate) again and again. By checking FSUIPCConnection.IsOpen I know if FSUIPC is still there. But how do I know, if the user has by chance closed MSFS and left just FSUIPC running? In such case I'm still getting values from last process, but can't tell if it just didn't change or if the sim has been closed.
Already tried Offset.Reconnect() hoping to force FSUIPC to read from the sim and give me f.e. 0 for the fs version or maybe 0 for the framerate, but that didn't do the trick. Somehow I'm stuck...

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Versions prior to FSUIPC7 all ran inside the Flight Sim process, so FSUIPC could never be left running on its own, so this was never a problem.

I don't know if John has added an offset to FSUIPC7 to know if the Flight Sim connection has been lost. I can't see anything on the spreadsheet. It might be a good feature to request.

For now, you could try something like reading offset 0x0230 (Double) which is a timestamp in seconds. If this doesn't change for a while then you know the connection to MSFS has been lost.


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Thank you, Paul. 0x0230 is a good workaround. Not perfect tho, as it stops sometimes - f.e. when the FS is paused, it delivers no change to the value, but still way better than anything I could find.
I think with a combination of timestamp and framerate I'll be able to find out if FS is running or not. An offset that tells us the actual status of the connection between FSUIPC and MSFS would be indeed a niceToHave. 🙂

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