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Feelthere Embraer 170/175/190/195 accelerating with Flaps full, gear down, final approach Speed and idle thrust on a 3 degree glideslope


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Dear Community,

I have the Feelthere Embraer for a year now, and I have to say it is one of my favourite planes. I'm using it in Prepar3D V4.5 (latest version) and the Embraer is fully updated. I  didn't fly the plane for a few months and can remember that the plane had problems to slow down to the final approach speed and keep a speed on the ILS without going too fast. For example, I'm descending normally, before I get to the ILS I reduce to 170-180 kts, if needed I reduce to 160 knots and later to my final approach speed. But as soon I'm on the ILS there is no chance to get slower. As I know the plane has problems to slow down. I retract my flaps as needed and prepare for my approach, on the ILS I reduce to my final approach speed even earlier than I should, I have Flaps Full Gear Down and prepare for my landing. But then it happens, the plane follows the 3 degree glideslope normally, but it is building up speed and even more, I already tried to extending the speedbrakes but that doesn't help, the descend rate is between -750/800 fpm. I also tried turning off autothrottle and idle the thrust myself, it didn't help either, the thrust was on idle and the plane was overspeeding until touchdown. Especially when I fly on Vatsim I have problems, when the ATC clears me for a speed of 200 there is no chance to get slower. I already tried reinstalling the plane, I turned off my AntiVirus and even ran the installer as an Administrator. My Joystick is also calibrated correctly, since the first time I flew it I have this issue, when I get on the ILS it  speeds over and there is no chance to avoid it.




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