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ATIasHold now Freeware. (MSFX + X-Plane)


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ATIasHold since 2011.

A lot has changed in the last few years. ATIasHold is now adapted to the development.

Version 1.7.0 update 08/2021 - Now freeware

ATIasHld.pdf Introduction:





Please read the download condition. Intrasystem does not allow a download without a request by e-mail.

(security + avoid Web-Scanning)


Raimund Forstmeier - Padova / Italy




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Thanks @forstmeier!

Later: but difficult to download. You say via email request, but the links you provide do not offer any assistance - you are just presented with a sign-in dialog when you try to download. Due to this, I suspect there will be little interest, IMHO.

Ok, didn't read the page carefully enough...now I see the email request...

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ATIasHold includes the "RwyLength" program.
RwyLength extracts 6 data from Pete Dowson's "MakeRunways".
Icao, Nation, Town, Apt-Name (the Header) and
Runway ID, Rwy-Lenght in feet as Sub-Records.
The File "rwylength.txt" is created and used by ATIasHold.
Contains length in feet, meters and nautic miles.

Upon request, a Record Editor has been added to change data and add new Airports.









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