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Steam download, or regular?


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4 hours ago, Slidellian said:

Hey there,

So I'm brand new to T3D, and I'm about to buy the Pro version. I've.... I've never used steam before. I'm open to it, but should I get the regular download, or should I do the steam version?





It doesn’t really matter. Personally, I wouldn’t start using Steam just for this game for two main reasons. One, some of the DLCs are not available on Steam and, two, a benefit of Steam is automatic updates. However, the developers stopped updating the game engine over 3 years ago. So, no benefit there.

Just an FYI, the developers are working on a brand new version. No ETA on a release date but if I were in your shoes knowing the status of the current version, I would seriously consider weighing my buy now/wait for new version options.

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To add to the above post, it should be mentioned that another advantage of Steam that should not be underestimated is refunds.
If a game does not run flawlessly or you simply do not like it, you can return it within two weeks, as long as it has been played for less than two hours, and the purchase price will be refunded without any red tape, provided you don't abuse that system.

Personally, I would generally prefer Steam. In this particular case, however, I fully agree with @crbascott.
There will be no more updates for the game and the chance of a sale is greater on the FeelThere website than on Steam. Although a publisher can discount their games and DLC every 2 months (if I'm not mistaken) on Steam, FeelThere tends to do it on their web store instead, which is especially interesting for people residing in the US.

Considering the prices for game, airports, Real Traffic and Real Color add-ons and the fact that the game engine is outdated, there are some bugs in the game that have never been fixed and it lacks some features that are supposed to be implemented in the new version (Tower! Simulator 3), I would also advise you to seriously consider waiting for the new version.

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9 hours ago, FeelThere said:

Is it because of the VAT?

Yes, and because of the regional prices on Steam (VAT included).

For someone from Israel, Swiss, UK or Australia, a sale on your site will probably be interesting as well, whereas for many EU citizens they will find themselves in the situation where a 20 or 30% sale for an airport on your site is pretty much the same as the non-discounted price on Steam.
For people from Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Mexico, and many, many other countries, your website's prices are generally not of any interest, as they can get e.g. airports for well under $10 US on Steam.

So it depends extremely on where you live in the world.
Here is a price comparison for the last published airport:

Edit: While you're at it, you might also want to fix the features listed on Steam.
As far as I know, T!3D Pro and DLC obviously support Online Co-op but neither Online PvP nor Split Screen PvP. In-App Purchases are also not possible, to the best of my knowledge.
And while it could be argued that one feature of Remote Play Together involves screen sharing, since no local multiplayer is possible, the mention of Remote Play Together could well be misleading. However, I do not want to imply anything here. Maybe there is a multiplayer mode specifically for Remote Play Together that I just don't know about.
I don't want to start an argument either, but wanted it mentioned.

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