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Hvar not working after FSUIPC update.


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Hi John, ladies and gents,

After updating FSUIPC i experience again the problem that the Hvars are not available anymore.
Even though the WASM is obviously correct installed and started.
All the Lvar-stuff works flawless, but HVars i don't get running again.

Any hint, where i can take a look at?

It happesn no matter whether i let the FSUIPC installer put the fsuipc-lvar-wasm into the MSFS Community folder directly or if i add it via addon-linker.

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10 hours ago, joeherwig said:

i experience again the problem that the Hvars are not available anymore.

Hvars are made known to FSUIPC7 via the use of *.hvar files. Do you have such files installed for the aircraft you are using?
I don't think the installer will remove any hvar files that you added, although it may over-write the provided  hvar files under the Community WASM folder so you may lose any changes to those files, which is why it is preferable to keep your (user) hvar files in the WASM persistent storage area. Please see the Advanced User guide (P44) on how to use hvars with FSUIPC7.

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