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Master Warning / Master Caution

Sven G.

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 I ask for a little help to get started:

I am a beginner in this beautiful hobby and I am already failing at what is probably a simple task. For the past few weeks I've been trying to solve it myself. However, this does not work so far.


I integrated my switch via Arduino and Mobiflight.

FSUIPC = 7.2.8 including WASM is running very well.

My current challenge are the switches for Master Warning and Master Caution for the TBM930.

One thing in advance: They work very well via the Mobiflight software for FSUIPC offset with e.g. the offset for landing lights (0x028C). Also no hardware error and Mobiflight to FSUIPC work.

For the offset 0x66C0 I have extended the FSUIPC.ini with the following entry (I read somewhere that it should go like this and just inserted the variable):


1 =Generic_Master_Warning_Active 0039=UB66C0

The LVAR "Generic_Master_Warning_Active 0039" works as it should via WASM (Set Lvar).

However, I don't get the result I want with these settings.

I look forward to any help and can of course also provide more details.

I believe that I am on the right track. However, the first switch is apparently also the heaviest 😉



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thank you for the fast answer. I've tried and it works with one exception:

After pressing the Master Warning Button, only the warning lamp is switched off. The audio alarm remains on. So it doesn't seem to be the right variable or one is still missing.

Any idea?



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