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FSUIPC  v7.2.9: Cannot Get ipc.execCalcCode to work A32NX


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I have a Lua file which runs automatically and detects whether a button is pressed for a short time or a longer time.

This emulates the push and pull function of the FCU Alt, and Speed knobs on the A32NX which engage the managed or selected functions.

The FSUIPC>AddOns>WASM>Execute Calculator Code works if I execute it within the FSUIPC Interface, but the code in the LUA does not work.

If I execute the following pull event within FSUIPC>AddOns>WASM>Execute Calculator Code,  it works


Same for Push....  It works fine within FSUIPC>AddOns>WASM>Execute Calculator Code


So, the attached Altitude LUA code does not work.

However, the attached LUA file for speed (which is virtually identical), DOES work !

Yes, I have confirmed the button and joystick numbers are correct.

My FSUIPC INI file is also attached.



FCU_Alt.lua FCU_Speed.lua FSUIPC7.ini


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Could you please activate:
  - logging for Buttons & Keys and Lua Plugins in FSUIPC7 (from FSUIPC7 Log menu)
  - WAPI debug logging (from FSUIPC7.ini file)
  - WASM debug logging (from FSUIPC_WASM.ini)

Then generate an FSUIPC7.log and FSUIPC_WASM.log showing your issue. Also send the calc code from the WASM menu so that is also logged.
Please remember to close/exit FSUIPC7 before attaching your log - the one you attached is useless as you don't even have an a/c loaded or get to the ready-to-fly state.

If you can then attach the 2 log files I will take a look - but tomorrow, finishing for the day now.


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