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FSUIPC has no effect on controls in the Sim


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FSUIPC shows connected (Connect is greyed out)

Controls are set up and calibrated, yet the sim controls the actions. As with P3D, the direction was to disbale controls in the sim, so FSUIPC could take over - I loaded profiles with all actions deleted - empty. This had no effect, FSUIPC established control actions were not seen in the sim.

I am using Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo.

I am unable to get this to work with any aircaft in the sim.

Moving the controls moves scales inside FSUIPC, but this is not replicated in the sim. Switches and buttons are the same.

Please advise.



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First, you are using an old version of FSUIPC7. Please download the latest (and only supported) version, v6.2.9.

Also, looks like your device GUIDs have changed at some point, and you have assignments to the letter assigned to the old GUID as well as the new ones. I have tried to correct this in the attached FSUIPC7.ini, so please try this once you have updated and let me know how it goes.



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A couple of more things about your ini:
  - you are using the lua scripts for the Alpha/Bravo buttons > 32. You no longer need these as FSUIPC now supports up to 128 buttons natively, so these can be removed
  - you have assigned your hat to the PAN controls - do these now work? I haven't checked in a while, but previously the PAN controls were not working via SimConnect/FSUIPC. To assign the hat to control panning, you can assign to the keys assigned in MSFS to control the views.


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