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CYVR Faulty Gate - No taxiing to any runway from a particular gate


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I have CYVR (Vancouver Intl)  along with RT and RC. I am finding that any aircraft pushing back from a particular gate will not move to any of the assigned runways. All other gates appear to be functioning as required. I will reproduce and attach screenshot and log unless there is a quick fix.

The following are the specs for my computer:

MSI Core I7 64 bit


6 GB Video RAM

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@scoobflight completely different bugs. This is for taxiiing, the other is for a jetway not moving.

@arctichound there are a number of terminals at a variety of airports that still have gates that cause routing errors after the plane has pushed back. Most of these (actually all, but I was trying to be polite) could be resolved by fixing a couple of bugs in the game engine. Unfortunately, feelThere have stated a number of times in the past 4 years that they will not be making any further updates to the game engine. A small number of reported terminal bugs have been fixed by a service pack for the affected airport. However, if a service pack is going to be made, it is usually made within the first 6 months of the airport being released. CYVR was released near the end of May in 2019, so the chances of a service pack is basically nil.

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52 minutes ago, arctichound said:

Looks like the team is on it already

Nope, development was discontinued well over 3 years ago.

Possibly, if you are not fixated on real schedules, the Schedule Builder Tool may help you.
Here, an attempt was made to compensate for the inadequacies of the airport (all airports included) by intelligently distributing the flights. This does not imply that a smooth game experience is guaranteed, but a lot of testing has been done to get close.

In other respects, what @WildCard said applies.

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