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FSUIPC and MSFS2020 options conflict?


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Hi everyone, my first post here.

I recently purchased the latest version of FSUIPC so I could run LittlleNavMap and it's been working great.

However, an issue I have been getting is that my key bindings in the sim do not work as they should. An example of which is Alt-1 to bring up the custom camera 1 view; instead, this key combination displays an Open-file dialogue box entitled Load GPX files.

I was wondering if this and other key bindings are being captured and processed by FSUIPC?

Alt-2 (Load custom camera 2) asks ATC for permission to increase cruise altitude by 1000 feet. A few other keys and buttons also do not work as set up in the device profiles within the sim options screen.



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Hi Ed. I have a similar problem which may or may not be related to FSUIPC7. I have installed a Leo Bodnar joystick board in my Logitech yoke and the aircraft is uncontrollable when I take off in FS2020. OK in X plane 10. Even have a problem with the yoke disconnected and just using the new interface board. FSUIPC7 may not be the problem but it sdeems the only thing left to check.

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16 hours ago, Ed.D said:

I was wondering if this and other key bindings are being captured and processed by FSUIPC?

FSUIPC doesn't do anything with key presses/releases unless you ask it to, except for the default hot key to open/close FSUIPC7 which is Alt + F (and can be changed or disabled).
You can activate logging for Buttons & Keys, as well as Events, and open the Console and you can see what key presses are detected and any actions taken in real time.

Also check your key bindings in MSFS.


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