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Saitek/Logitech X52 Pro Problem


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I purchased the software to work with MSFS 2020.

If I go into axes assignments/joystick calibration when I move the throttle back and forth the in/out numbers never change. Ailerons, elevator, rudder all register correctly - the throttle however doesn't move the in/out numbers at all. MSFS202 does recognize the throttle with reverse axis on axis Z.






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You are using a very old version of FSUIPC7, v7.0.5 - can you first please update to the latest version, v7.2.10, and try again. Only the latest version of FSUIPC7 is supported - you should always check for an update before posting for support.

Do you have a throttle and a stick? FSUIPC is only recognising one device, which rather strange. Do you have any saitek drivers or software installed? If so, please remove/uninstall and let windows install the default drivers.

Once thats done, if you still have issues, please show me your update ini, log and JoyScan.csv files.


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11 hours ago, TJM said:

I'll update now.

Yes, there is a throttle and stick - using this setup for years (Falcon 4).

Ok - I doubt the update will solve your issue, but its not worth me looking at your files when using such an old version.
It sounds like a device or connection problem (i.e. hardware), but update and show me the new files and we can take it from there.


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