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How can I create a variable in one lua program and evaluate it in another lua program.


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I have lua program that sets a variable to 1.  VarOut.lua.


In the attached FSUIPC.log shows “18156 LUA.3: Global: Var1 = 1”.

I have another lua program that I hoped would read and evaluate Var1 = 1. VarIn.lua

Var1 is however only evaluated as == nil

Usually when I have problems like this it’s typo error of syntactical error.

 Thanks for looking


VarIn.lua VarOut.lua FSUIPC7.log

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3 hours ago, rozelc said:

The VarOut.lua I attached does as I expected but the VarIn.lua doesn't seem to get a nul only.

But the ipc.set in your VarOut.lua doesn't set anything:


The syntax as documented is 

ipc.set(“name”, value)

You are setting no value, same as nul.



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Just a quick follow up on my original post.

Using a modification or the TripleUse.lua that senses the push button of a rotary switch and a couple of other lua programs that sense CW or CCW of that rotary switch I can control the range of the mfd map, range of the pfd map and the barometric setting, in the G1000 nxi.

Thank you so much for your help


RngBaroDEC.lua PB_RotaryRange.lua INITIALIZE_VARS.lua FSUIPC7.ini RngBaroINC.lua

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