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Default LGA gate markings still show in Feelthere LGA


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I installed the FeelThere LGA into the community folder. I can see the scenery installed, but the default gate markings are still showing mixed in with the scenery. This would leave me to believe default taxiway signs will also show, at least it has done so when ive had this issue with other sceneries. But all other times when I've had this issue it was because the airport was a custom made airport by Asobo and I could remove it via the content manager so that only the 3rd party scenery would show. There is no custom Asobo LGA, so there isnt anything to remove in order to get rid of the default asobo gate markings. Anyone else having this issue and if so how was it resolved?

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I'm also having scenery problems at KLGA.  Most of it is excellent but there are standalone trees growing between on the tarmacs between the C and D concourses.  There may be others, I haven't been all over the airport yet.  In another posting about LAX the person was advised to find the ...Official\OneStore file and remove the default KAX airport scenery for there.  I found that location and I found the Feelthere KLGA install listed, but nothing about a default for that airport.  Is there some other place I need to look because I am sure the problem is the default LaGuardia scenery. Thanks for any help I can get.





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