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I've been creating custom schedules for quite some time now, and have never encountered any errors that I couldn't figure out. I am including the part of the schedule that is giving me fits as well as the output log. I'm working on the Terminal 4 and 5 at KLAX, with American Eagle flights. When I load the game, it gets to 99% and spins there for a while before loading. When it does load, it's only allowing the inbound flights. When I look at the output log, the Departure flights are saying  NO FREE TERMINAL. I have looked this over and can't figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!output_log.txtoutput_log.txt

output_log.txt klax_schedule.txt

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You don't have a departure to start the schedule.

Every plane in your schedule is a restarter plane and starts by incoming.

That pause before 100% loading is the game fast forwarding time to try and find an outgoing plane to start the game with. I'm surprised it doesn't get stuck there.

Additionally almost every incoming plane has a duplicated flight number as an outgoing plane. These planes are not restarter matches. This will cause problems. In this case you don't have any departures at all due to the duplicate flight numbers.

The flight you see in your log that can not find a 'free terminal' is an incoming flight, not an outgoing flight. You do have a restarter/outgoing flight with the same flight number, see previous point.

p.s. Useful information that would have been helpful in working out what was wrong.

  • The time you tried to run the schedule from.
  • The modified airlines.txt file for the schedule.
  • The modified terminal.txt file for the schedule
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Here's a game log from a modified version of the game that shows where potential problems are in the schedule due to duplicate flight numbers.

IATA: LAX - 92 flights
Add   Arr: 07:01 - RPA6285
Add   Arr: 07:01 - RPA3213
Add   Arr: 07:09 - RPA3025
Add   Arr: 07:09 - RPA3120
Add   Arr: 07:25 - RPA3115
Add   Arr: 07:46 - RPA3288
Add   Arr: 08:00 - RPA3228
Add   Arr: 08:29 - RPA3112
Add   Arr: 09:02 - RPA3239
Add   Arr: 09:10 - RPA3113
Add   Arr: 09:50 - RPA6261
Add   Arr: 09:50 - RPA3253
Add   Arr: 09:58 - RPA3114
Add   Arr: 10:41 - RPA2965
Add   Arr: 11:13 - RPA3292
Add   Arr: 11:51 - RPA6243
Add   Arr: 11:51 - RPA3297
Add   Arr: 12:18 - RPA3214
Add   Arr: 12:18 - RPA3214
WARNING: Incoming duplicate flight RPA3214 found!

Add   Arr: 12:48 - RPA3087
Add   Arr: 13:48 - RPA3092
Add   Arr: 14:08 - RPA3039
Add   Arr: 14:20 - RPA6246
Add   Arr: 14:20 - RPA3021
Add   Arr: 15:20 - RPA3003
Add   Arr: 15:31 - RPA3104
Add   Arr: 15:43 - RPA3298
Add   Arr: 16:17 - RPA6244
Add   Arr: 16:17 - RPA3196
Add   Arr: 16:22 - RPA3251
Add   Arr: 16:41 - RPA3058
Add   Arr: 17:07 - RPA3282
Add   Arr: 17:16 - RPA3230
Add                          Dep: 07:00 - RPA2965
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA2965 found!

Add   Arr: 07:25 - RPA3115   Dep: 07:54 - RPA3003
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3003 found!

Add   Arr: 07:09 - RPA3120   Dep: 08:05 - RPA3087
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3087 found!

Add   Arr: 07:09 - RPA3025   Dep: 08:08 - RPA6243
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA6243 found!

Add   Arr: 07:01 - RPA3213   Dep: 08:08 - RPA3297
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3297 found!

Add   Arr: 07:46 - RPA3288   Dep: 08:20 - RPA3092
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3092 found!

Add   Arr: 08:00 - RPA3228   Dep: 08:32 - RPA3104
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3104 found!

Add   Arr: 08:29 - RPA3112   Dep: 09:00 - RPA3214
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3214 found!

Add   Arr: 07:01 - RPA6285   Dep: 09:30 - RPA3094
Add   Arr: 09:10 - RPA3113   Dep: 09:55 - RPA3282
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3282 found!

Add   Arr: 09:50 - RPA3253   Dep: 10:26 - RPA3039
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3039 found!

Add   Arr: 09:58 - RPA3114   Dep: 10:35 - RPA6246
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA6246 found!

Add   Arr: 09:50 - RPA6261   Dep: 10:35 - RPA3021
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3021 found!

Add   Arr: 09:02 - RPA3239   Dep: 10:43 - RPA3023
Add                          Dep: 10:58 - RPA3230
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3230 found!

Add   Arr: 11:13 - RPA3292   Dep: 11:58 - RPA3298
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3298 found!

Add   Arr: 11:51 - RPA3297   Dep: 12:38 - RPA6244
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA6244 found!

Add   Arr: 11:51 - RPA6243   Dep: 12:38 - RPA3196
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3196 found!

Add   Arr: 12:18 - RPA3214   Dep: 13:03 - RPA3058
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3058 found!

Add   Arr: 12:48 - RPA3087   Dep: 13:19 - RPA3191
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3191 found!

Add   Arr: 12:18 - RPA3214   Dep: 13:33 - RPA3049
Add   Arr: 10:41 - RPA2965   Dep: 14:05 - RPA3244
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3244 found!

Add   Arr: 14:20 - RPA3021   Dep: 15:05 - RPA6263
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA6263 found!

Add   Arr: 14:20 - RPA6246   Dep: 15:05 - RPA3053
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3053 found!

Add   Arr: 14:08 - RPA3039   Dep: 15:25 - RPA3122
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3122 found!

Add   Arr: 15:20 - RPA3003   Dep: 15:57 - RPA3072
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3072 found!

Add   Arr: 15:43 - RPA3298   Dep: 16:22 - RPA3024
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3024 found!

Add   Arr: 15:31 - RPA3104   Dep: 16:32 - RPA3140
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3140 found!

Add   Arr: 16:22 - RPA3251   Dep: 17:02 - RPA6300
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA6300 found!

Add   Arr: 16:17 - RPA3196   Dep: 17:02 - RPA3121
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3121 found!

Add   Arr: 16:41 - RPA3058   Dep: 17:12 - RPA3119
Add   Arr: 17:07 - RPA3282   Dep: 17:36 - RPA3287
WARNING: Outgoing duplicate flight RPA3287 found!

Add   Arr: 17:16 - RPA3230   Dep: 18:03 - RPA2974
Add   Arr: 16:17 - RPA6244   Dep: 18:40 - RPA3255
Add   Arr: 13:48 - RPA3092   Dep: 19:30 - RPA3078


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5 hours ago, bcooley66 said:

I'm working on the Terminal 4 and 5 at KLAX, with American Eagle flights

I am nearly finished a full schedule for Friday 05 July 2019
As above, some flights commence at KLAX, and that will resolve your 99% issue
The program then usually commences about 10 minutes before the start time you selected, which allows you to build up a departures stack (if appropriate for the time selected)

I found in the original Real Traffic schedule that there were two warnings
Usually means the program has not included a flight as all the stands are in use
However the flight may be included later
I would be more concerned by DROPPED, as the incoming flight will not be included

As an aside for American / Terminal 4 / Terminal 5
In the original program (terminal) files there are not enough stands
I assume you have created a spreadsheet to ensure there is 30 minutes between flights on a stand, by aircraft type
You can then also use the spreadsheet to inspect for duplicate flights, the original Real Traffic schedule had two!

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