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Controlling FS2K2 Replay option with FSUIPC?

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I would like to know if there's any way to activate FS own replay mode WITHOUT having to go through the menus?

Well, for recording I can see there are controls "DEMO_RECORD_1_SEC", "DEMO_RECORD_5_SEC", and "DEMO_STOP", but I don't see anything off-hand to start a playback, so I think maybe it isn't possible.

If FSUIPC cannot do this, how can I send the appropriate key presses to FS (via WideFS)?

As described in the WideFS documentation, keypresses on a Client, if received by WideClient (i.e. it must have keyboard focus), can be relayed to FS by setting "SendKeyPresses=Yes", but you cannot access Menus this way as that needs the ALT key. If you are writing a program with an FSUIPC interface, then key presses can be sent via offset 3200, and controls via 3110 (see the FSUIPC SDK). But, again, accessing the menu this way can be problematic because as soon as the Menu opens, FSUIPC is no longer running and so cannot send more keys.



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Excuse me if I'm in left field here (perhaps I didn't understand the original question), but this seems to be related to my recent interest in the MSFS "Flight Video Recorder" functions, accessible through Microsoft's "Netpipes SDK".

Netpipes is available from Microsoft, at:


As I hinted, I've recently gained some good experience with this facility, and can attest that it works pretty well in both FS2002 and FS2004. I'm using it to play back an NMEA data stream (recorded in real life) as a Microsoft FS Video.

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