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FS kicks out to start menu when responding to ATC alerts

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During simulation, if I get an ATC traffic call and I respond with any of the available responses (no contact, contact etc) the simulation stops (pauses actually) and the start up menu appears (the one with the list of saved flights etc). If I select CANCEL it continues on. I've only tested it while on an IFR flight plan and it has only started sine I installed the last FPC/FSUIPC update, though it may have nothing to do with that.

Also, and maybe related, when ever I use the view pan buttons on my yoke to view left or right, the GPS pops into view. This may have something to do with screen focus since I'm using one monitor for outside view and the other (the one with the Windows task bar) for the panel and gps. I've checked the mapping of the view buttons and they are correct. This too happened after the last install of PFC and FSUIPC (around 9/19/2003)

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It sounds very much as if you have some mis-assigned keys there. Try FS's own Options-Controls-Assignments, and elect to restore defaults there. If you've been assigning keys in FSUIPC, either go into its Keys page and check them/ delete them.

If al else fails, you may need to delete your FS9.CFG file to make FS restore everything as it should be. you can also delete the FSUIPC.INI file in the Modules folder, in case there are rogue assignments there, or just edit it and delete the appropriate sections.



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