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Fsuipc7 don't start


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Did you read the provided documentation?  If not, please do that - see the  Problems running FSUIPC7 section of the README.txt, file included in the zip file that you downloaded.
If that doesn't resolve your issues (which I am pretty sure will....), then you need to show me the relevant files, mainly your InstallFSUIPC7.log file and your MSFS EXE.xml  file.

You also posted twice - I have deleted your other post.


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5 hours ago, NDR340 said:

I solved my problem, the automatic shortcut during the installation was not good

Could you please explain further? Why was it 'not good'?
The shortcut installed by the FSUIPC7 installer starts MSFS (and displays a splash screen for 30 seconds), not FSUIPC7. It is MSFS that starts FSUIPC7, but only if you select to install the auto-start component.

Looking at your installation log, it looks like you did not install the auto-start component, and so FSUIPC7 will not auto-start with MSFS. Your EXE.xml file also shows that MSFS is only starting the ADC_Bridge program, and not FSUIPC7.




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14 minutes ago, NDR340 said:

I try to installed with auto-start but it started MSFS but not FSUIPC7.

That is what is supposed to happen (i.e. the desktop link that FSUIPC creates os ONLY used to start MSFS, not FSUIPC7), and it is MSFS that is supposed to start FSUIPC7, via your EXE.xml. There is no auto-start component in your EXE.xml, which is why FSUIPC7 isn't being started by MSFS.

The issue is that your EXE.xml is not a valid xml document - looks like it has been corrupted by the AFC_Bridge installer. There is no opening 'SimBase.Document' element.
However, I am surprised this isn't logged in yout installation log. But, the solution to this issue is given in the README.txt (item 3 under Problems running FSUIPC7 : You should rename/delete your EXE.xml, and let the FSUIPC7 installer create a new one. You then manually add back in the AFC_Bridge, if you also want that started.

But I have corrected your EXE.xml. Download the attached and use that to replace your current one.



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