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No actual arrivals indicated in STB


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I see a ton of departures at the 3rd party airports That I have installed but very few arrivals are displayed or arriving. After about an hour, I only saw 3 arrivals. Specific Airports - FlyTampa YYZ, AMS and Dzy ORD and flightbeam DEN  

Im using P3Dv3.4 with my traffic   professional. My traffic is running well and so is STB but I just can’t seem to get any arriving aircraft. I’ve read thru the forum, found some topics that are very similar, followed the guidance but still unable to see any arriving aircraft. 

Thoughts ??  


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It sounds like an issue for MyTraffic or Prepar3D forum I'm sorry to say, STB is just reporting what Prepar3D is telling us about arrivals.  I've seen this from time to time going all the way back to FSX, but arrivals catch up around 20-30 minutes.

Maybe try a more up to date version of Prepar3D or another AI package?


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Simon. I right clicked on “view AI” but I get this window to appear. Any ideas why departing AI aircraft will disappear within a minute after takeoff?  I know you this is not a STB issue but maybe you could educate me how and why AI disappear so close to the plane that I’m flying?  This happens at all airports, 3rd party or non 3rd party. 

note - when I do get arriving aircraft, which is seldom, they can be tracked well over 20 miles by clicking on “view ai” 

thx. Doug 


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Doug, sorry to say I can't explain the behaviour of the simulator in this case.  In my experience the further away the airport and aircraft is from you, the more likely it is to be deleted (assuming it is travelling away from you).  

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I have no information regarding that, it is all in the Prepar3D source code and cannot be changed.  From observation, it can be up to 80nm from the user aircraft, but such observations are not consistent with everyone's experience.  Other factors that can lead to termination of an AI object include those that have not moved on a taxiway or runway for a long period and airports with insufficient parking for AI requirements

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