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Render video in P3D throwing exception

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Hi Fabio

In addition to my post here https://forum.simflight.com/topic/91873-update-v45-microsoft-flight-simulator-flightcontrolreplay-v45-for-microsoft-flight-simulator-june-update-21-discussion/?do=findComment&comment=570215

I recorded a flight with the enhanced P3D version, which plays back in P3D perfectly. However, if I try to record (render) a video of the flight during replay an exception is thrown just after I name the file to save. I've attached a screenshot for info. I tried several times, same result. (FCR is run with admin privileges)

Any suggestions? Or am I doing something wrong?


Dave Nash

Edit - P3D version is

FCR exception thrown.JPG

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Hi All,

I have the same issue in MSFS. Can't record any render. I have the same message as Dave and if I click ok I have an empty MP4 file in the target folder. 

If you can give us a hint to resolve this issue that would be awesome.

Thanks a lot for your work.


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same problem here for p3dv5.3 hf2. I get the same error.

I have the FCR for a while now and not a single time have I managed to render a video out of my sim. Let alone rendering a video, I can not even get it to work for recording!! I download the FCR and then install it as told by the manual. Then for couple of flights I manage to get some recordings and that`s it. After that it doesn`t record anything at all!! 

I believe I have the necessary software that are listed in the manual. and yes I "BELIEVE" because as a computer noob I can never be 100% sure whether I have the correct software with that rather vague explanation for the downloads. For some it may be crystal clear but not for me.

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Hey Fabio. Yes the codec is installed. And yet the error is still there when it comes to rendering in p3dv5.3 hf2.

Could you please tell us whether we are doing something wrong or this is just what this is... I mean If you can acknowledge this error and that it exists, you would spare me from wasting my time even further. I`ve been trying to fix this issue for a very long while now... and no success yet.. it`s very frustrating..

Thx anyways...

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