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Preventing an external program to delete the GPS flightplan

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One of my add-ons deletes the P3dv5 GPS-flightplan after touchdown. This is a problem for other add-ons relying on the GPS-flightplan to work properly and that are active until gate arrival (for example a Traffic Board displaying user flight information). All these add-ons immediately fail after touchdown. I had the same problem in FSX times and I remember that I could solve by using the FSUIPC event.intercept function to inhibit the deletion of the flightplan, but unfortunately I don't remember how I did this. Perhaps anybody can point me in the right direction. For example: Which is the right flightplan-event variable to intercept? (I don't find anything suitable in the event list) And how exactly do I do this? Is simply intercepting the event enough to prevent it from happening or do I need to inject the flightplan again after the interception?

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event.intercept intercepts offset writes, not actual events. I don't see how this can prevent the flight plan from being deleted (if that is the case...), intercepting this can only prevent the location of the flight plan held in the offset from being overwritten. The current flight plan path is held in offset 0x0130. You can try to intercept that and prevent that being cleared, but you would still want to write the actual flight plan to that offset when it is received.

You could possibly copy the floght plan to another location when received, of you can set the location for the flight plan in the other add-ons that use this.
Otherwise, I would try to stop the add-on deleting the flight plan on touchdown, if possible. Maybe contact the support for this add-on to see if that can be done.


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