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No Hvars listed


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I don't know if it is just the aircraft I am working on but I don't see any Hvars listed.

I am working with the Asobo Longitude. In particular I am trying to locate the event/lvar/Hvars which operates the Bus Tie switch.

I looked in the Hvars.lst file in the main FSUIPC7 folder but it is empty. The Lvars.lst is populated ok.




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4 minutes ago, Stinger2k3 said:

I looked in the Hvars.lst file in the main FSUIPC7 folder but it is empty.

What is that file? Never heard of it...

To use hvars, you have to make them known to FSUIPC7 by adding a *.hvar file, where the name of the file is a substring match to the aircraft name. The file MUST be in one of two locations. Please see the Advanced User guide for details.

Also note that I haver no idea what hvars are available for any particular aircraft. It is up to you to  discover these. I have provided some *.hvar files (in the HvarFiles sub-folder). To use any of these, they must be copied (and renamed to match the aircraft that you want to use them for) to one of the two locations where hvar files are active.


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