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No ILS DME & Slow GA FD Guidance


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Hi all

background: I fly the E190 for work, so I should have appropriate background for the  correct use of the automation.  I wondering therefore if these two bugs are specific to my setup, or is everyone experiencing these:


Issue #1:  ILS DME never shows on either PFD.

regardless of whether I manually tune localiser or allow ILS frequency to auto tune, I never see an ILS DME distance on the right lower side of the PFD.  If I tune a VOR DME, I get distance and ident info.  I only fly in Australia with current Navigraph database.  Does anyone else have this problem I.e. Id this a FeelThere E-Jet issue?


issue #2: Slow Go Around (GA) flight director guidance when TOGA buttons pressed.

when you press the TOGA buttons, the flight directors don’t come above the horizon for a substantially long time. Even with the normal initial go around speed of Vref+20kts , the FD are still maintained from the descent for over 10 seconds.  Makes it difficult to conduct a go around at the minima… with automation engaged.  Just me? 


Thanks!  (For the record I’m not expecting the sim model to be perfect, however these two bugs may affect all users)

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