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How do the /HvarFiles work? B3D_737.hvar is the Bredok 737Max I presume?


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I want to enhance my MPC Combo like the good old days and saw the B3D_737.hvar file. FSUIPC 7.2.16 enables the basic SPD HDG ALT perfectly.

Tested with B747 default, button dropdown with new profile shows long list of Preset:B747 8 and assigned MFD Range INC/DEC to MPC Combo, and this works.

Then again in the drop down I do not see Preset:B737 *whatever, and I can't comprehend the 'copy and rename' stuff about adding HVAR's to FSUIPC.

What do I do to get the 737Max HVARs in the FSUIPC dropdown list?
(And there's a lot more entries for 747 than in the B747-8.hvar file, how does that work?)


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Copied B3D_737.hvar to c:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\packages\fsuipc-lvar-module\work
and renamed 737.hvar

FSUIPC_WASM.log says:
Tue Feb 22 01:10:20 2022    [INFO]: 34 hvars loaded for aircraft 'Boeing 737'
Tue Feb 22 01:10:20 2022    [INFO]: 297 LVARS found, created 3 Client Data Areas
Tue Feb 22 01:10:20 2022    [INFO]: 297 lvars loaded for aircraft 'Boeing 737'

Now what?
Assign f.i.
to a macro or in ipc.activateHvar script?
Why can't they show in the dropdown?


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Please be aware of the difference between a preset and a hvar. Hvars DO NOT show in the drop down menu - you need to define a macro to set/activate the hvar, as you have found. An easier way to use hvars is to define your own preset to activate the hvar. To do this, you would create a file called myevents.txt and add lines of the form:
where presetName is the name of the preset (and will appear in the drop-down menus) and hvarName is the name of the hvar. Using this method, you also don't need to make the hvars known to FSUIPC via the *.hvar files.

7 hours ago, mtjoeng said:

Could you give an example (above MFD_1 hvar's) of the exact syntax of the lua file with ipc.activateHvar ? Couldnt get that to work

it is just, for example:


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