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Hopefully someone knows how to fix this issue I have.   I recently purchased ksea on feel there.   After I download it,  it doesn't appear in Steam.   I have the lax bundle pack already in steam.   Is the correct order for installation 1: ksea for tower 3d, 2: real color ksea , 3:  reinstall real traffic? Thank you

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The better sub-forum to ask this question is -



You need to make sure that the airport, RC and RT installers were directed to your root Tower install and you tab them as administrator.  If you didn't 'tell' the installer to go to a Steam install it defaulted to a stand alone install path and put the files in the incorrect location.  If not in admin mode it is possible Windows will keep the files from installing 'for your protection'.

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Thank you scoobflight for all your help.   I will make sure I do it in admin mode from now on.   Yeah,  I thought I might've messed up on not sending to the right forum.   Also,  I was wondering if you know why bmt micro would block my password for 48 hrs on a downloaded game (sea),  I hadn't seen that before and am guessing it's some sort of safety thing but still is frustrating. 

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Scoobflight, I got it all running great.   I do have one more question though.   When I purchased the RC for Sea, I thought I was going to have the newer liveries such as with the United and Southwest.   When running the game,  it gives me the old ones.   Also,  only some of the Alaska aircraft have the updated livery.   Is there something else I need to do to get the more current version? 

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