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Breaking Changes for MSFSVariableServices in Version 3.2.19

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Version 3.2.19

Unfortunately, I've had to introduces some breaking changes to MSFSVariableServices.

This had to be done as the old way was wrong and was (understandably) causing confusion for users working with this class for the first time.

The breaking changes are:

1. The MSFSVariableServices is now a static class. 

Until now, you needed to make an instance of the class: e.g.

MSFSVariableServices vs = new MSFSVariableServices();

This implies that more than one can be created and that you can dispose of this class. This is not the case because of how the FSUIPC_WAPID.DLL works. 

Now you directly access the class using it's name. e.g. 


You can no longer create instances.

If you don't like using the full name you can create an alias at the top of your code file:


using VS = FSUIPC.MSFSVariableServices;


Imports VS = FSUIPC.MSFSVariableServices

This will let you just use 'VS':


2. You can no longer access an LVar or HVar based on it's ID. 

You can only use the variable name now. The ID was arbitrary and had nothing to do with MSFS. I can't imagine the ID was useful at all so it's been removed to simplify things.

Bug fix:

MSFSVariableServices.CreateLVar() now accepts a double instead of an integer.


Any FsLVar/FSHVar objects you keep a reference to will persist between Reload() and Stop()/Start()  calls. This means any ValueChanged events you have registered will still be valid. In the previous version, new FsLVar/FsHVar objects were created by the DLL meaning your exiting references and events stopped working.

The example code applications in C# and VB.NET have been updated (V1.2) to use the new version of the DLL: 



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