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Crosswind Too High?

Sky King

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Hi: I am running the latest 'unofficial' patch and love the changes. My problem is this: when I select 'Stormy' for weather, about 30-35% of the time, I get a wind that is 90 degrees to the runway and over 25 kts (sometimes as high as 36). If 25 kts or less, planes will take off. Over 25, I get the "Crosswind too high for (takeoff, landing)". Is there anyway to modify this rule so either the winds aren't over 25 or aren't offset from the runway heading as much? I do appreciate the fact that the initial winds are roughly aligned with the runway heading. Over time in a scenario, the heading and speed seems to change. If this isn't currently possible, what is your opinion about the correct procedure to use, especially when the aircraft is at the hold-short line, ready for takeoff? ATM, I have to just delete the aircraft. As far as too high for landing, I just hand it off to Departure Control.

Many thanks!

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re limiting the wind, I don't know. 

For the rest, if the wind changes enough to make you change the active runways you can 

a) change the active runway selector, and hand off any current arrivals traffic to departure for resequencing , or manually fly them around to the new runway approach. 

b) for departure aircraft you can re-assign them new departure runway and adjust their taxi path

c) for your aircraft at the hold short line, it depends on the airport. As the game will not allow you to issue a taxi instruction down a runway , you may not be able to turn the aircraft around for a new departure point. Some airports have taxiways on both sides of the runway but, some don't. For the ones that don't as far as I know your only option is to delete them. 

For too high to land, all you can do is allow them to attempt to land and then go around or continually hand back to departure. 


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