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I am using a PFC USB throttle system, it includes a rudder trim knob.  The problem is that when I fly the Mooney Bravo (M20M), it requires VERY little and extremely precise trim adjustments.  This works okay with the factory trim buttons, but I don't have hardware trim buttons, only this hardware knob.  FS does not recognize this axis so I can't configure that in there and use the sensitivity adjustment.  I have been unable to create the desired affect in fsuipc.  I can make the knob FAR more sensitive, but not less.  Ideally I probably only need 25% or even 10% of the current range on either side.  As it is now I can select maximum trim deflection in only 20° of rotation... I'd like to get 25% deflection at 120° of rotation.  Barring that, perhaps I can get it to use the rudder button like a jog/shuttle wheel would.  I could see doing that with the range adjustments in the axis tab, but that would take painstaking configuration to say map every 5 degrees in both directions to a single button press.


Thank you for your time.

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If your knob/rotary is assigned to 'Direct to FSUIPC calibration', then you can achieve this by manually editing the calibration entry. For example, this is my trim calibration setting:
To only use 25% of the range, you would need to multiply the high/low limits by 4, so use:


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1 hour ago, Iceking007 said:

Is that entered in the Axis Management tab, or the Calibration tab?

Sorry, by manually editing the calibration entry I mean that you open your FSUIPC6.ini file (or the ini file for whatever version you are using) in an editor, find that line, change it and save. Do this either with FSUIPC not running, or if running then keep the Axis assignments tab open when you do this and click to reload your assignments once updated.


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That's okay.  So this goes into the [JoystickCalibration] section?

As: Rudder Trim=-65532,0,065016/16?

What do these numbers mean?

Why is RudderTrimControl=0, should that be 1 or something?


Another oddity while I have you here... fsuipc won't let me set the Throttle and Mixture up (my vernier ones).  These are in the same usb control box as this rudder trim.  FSUIPC sees them in the calibration tab but not in assignments, I have to assign the via the fs menu.  I think it's something to do with PFC/Windows labeling these axis as "dial" and "y rotation"; however luckily fs does see them correctly.  I'm trying to make use of the fsuipc custom configurations so that when I change between my vernier and other throttles I don't have to go and reassign everything like I have in the past.  That makes changing aircraft even more cumbersome than it already is.


Thank you.

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Okay, I think I sorted it, I put it at -65532,0,0,65016/1542

It looks close from the digital indicator from the ground but I'll have to take it flying to see; it might still be too much, I wonder if the real Mooney has this much trim deflection!?  I cannot fathom why you would ever need that much given the flight characteristics in the simulator.  But I find too that the "takeoff setting" areas for horizontal and vertical trim are both aggressive and not very practical in my experience. 

More fun at the airfield.  Have a good one. 

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